Android Auto and Apple Car on Wheels.

Android Auto and Apple CAR PLAY  on ChevyVolt.
Low budget teched-out car.
Earlier introduced the all all new   2017 Chevrolet Volt, which has a new technology on that car that makes it such a great deal. The Chevrolet Volt has an all electric range of 53 miles on a full charge. But with a full tank of gas and a full charge, the Volt can drive for up to impressive 420 miles.
It has various DRIVE MODES that is Normal, Sporty and Mountain.
The Good thing about this beauty, is the selection on which energy you want to use, be it all electrical or normal fuel ⛽.
The Volt is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, so you have easy access to all of your data.
Connect your iPhone via the USB port and your apps supported by Apple Car Play will appear on the center screen. Great technology there, I hope it will not stop ✋ only on Sedans’, we also like to see it on SUVs.Features in the 2017 Chevy Volt - Business Insider.png

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