Preventative Maintenance

  1. Do not store in direct sunlight for long periods, or where the computer will be exposed to excessive heat (over 140° F).
  2. Avoid direct exposure to water, sand, dust and other environmental hazards.
  3. Make a habit of transporting and using it in a carrying case.
  4. Keep it away from food and beverages.
  5. Keep the covers closed on the connectors, doors and slots when they are not in use.
  6. Prevent heavy and/or sharp objects from falling onto or being put onto the display.
  7. Place your Tablet display side down whenever possible.
  8. Be careful to keep phone and power cables out of harms way when communicating or charging your Tablet in the home or office, to prevent people or pets tripping.

Caring for Your Pen

  • Always store the Pen in the storage space provided in the computer
  • Do not tap heavily on the display.
  • Avoid getting the pen dirty.
  • Use only the Pen provided, to write or tap on the display.

Cleaning Your Tablet

To clean your tablet display screen: wipe the screen surface gently using a soft cotton cloth dampened with denatured alcohol or a mild soap with no abrasive (i.e. Dawn). Do not use abrasive solvents.

Caution: Your tablet is not waterproof. Do not pour or spray liquids directly on your tablet or wash your tablet with a heavily soaked cloth.


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